The smart card system-related legal matters in the most appropriate management of contractual relationships, the smart card using the s-specific services to meet the development requirements of the law means. Such applications can include advanced electronic signature certification service, e-wallet solutions. In case of applications has intensified the need for joint management of information technology and legal issues.

The smart card services in the possibility of using the card body, primarily located in the device or devices determined. The alphanumeric data and photographs allow for visual identification. The magnetic stripe or other memory solutions is electronic data processing. Further, the broadest possibilities of the card body, built in microprocessor, enabling the card itself confer various operations carried out capabilities, thus significantly enriching the smart card application areas (eg, electronic purse, e-ticketing solutions, cryptographic key storage).

electronic purses

The smart card system, egvalósított e-wallet solutions for the credit or debit cards is widespread authentication and protection against non-control functions are implemented. The credit and debitkártyákkal a remote database operations necessary authentication takes place, and e-wallet solution for the financial operation of the smart card processor and terminal read-write equipment is between the terminals on the remote server accounting functions in order to meet contacts.

It is important to note that the electronic money issuer and the legal relationship between the taker may be required depending on the contractual relationship in addition to arranging funds for the issuer of the legal status of the settlement, to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals and the relevant legal requirements to ensure compliance with . In the future, especially from the European Union is currently non-statutory merger under the control systems imaginable.


documents for verification of electronic signatures are legally recognized evidentiary value of electronic communication allows users. A number of legislative options to the traditional paper-based and electronic documents and communications between applications. In these cases, the laws of evidential definition (written or electronic certified documentary form), then it must possess the certificate (or certified advanced certificate) and apply hardware and software components must choose.

the electronic signature hardware and software tools to be considered when selecting the selected effects in the external independent auditor can be tested by use of components is essential. The electronic signature is used to infrastructure (PKI) is an important element in the regulatory documents that are necessary for the proper preparation applikációspecifikus usability.

your CA infrastructure, the establishment is not only to regulate the use of electronic signatures and the certificate issuer and the subject of a contractual relationship between the control, but tanúsítványkibocsátáshoz-related activity is properly managed, and the authentication service to an official review of required.

specific use for the electronic signing of official documents for the application of the certificate authority administrator to both sides, on the other hand, means using client-side. The official documents for use primarily against the certificate, compliance with legal regulations is needed.


growing number of smart card systems use "contact less" technology, which is primarily a passive antenna is impregnated into the body of the card using the card olvasóberendezéshez allows the delivery of individually identifiable information, or perform some other operations systems. The technology is primarily privacy issues raised mainly because of a natural person may be connected to the RFID tag with a tracking device may be observed, which is especially relevant legal data protection information can be treated.

2007th October

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